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Corporate Finance

Drawing on its exceptional combination of international experience and an intensive knowledge base of local and regional market conditions and developments. Jordinvest's corporate finance team is committed to providing clients with superior advice, structuring, and execution of financial solutions that meet their financial needs.

The services provided include:

Corporate Restructuring
Providing clients with advisory services on the financial restructuring of companies, including designing the optimal financial solution, negotiating financial agreements, and arranging equity, debt, or other financing schemes designed to maximize shareholders' value.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Assisting clients in the formulation of the appropriate business combination strategies to include; mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, or via the establishment of a holding company. Jordinvest's role includes the identification of the target entity(s), coordinating the due diligence process, valuation of targets, formulating the optimal structure, and, on behalf of the client, negotiating business and legal terms of the proposed transaction. Valuation involves providing clients with an independent opinion regarding the fairness of the transaction and applying both traditional and current securities/ business valuation methods.

These services include proper valuation of the divested entity, and formulation of the selling strategy that will maximize value and benefit for the selling shareholder(s) (government or corporate),taking into consideration their objectives and sensitivities. The process includes the identification and qualification of prospective buyers both locally and internationally. Structuring, underwriting, and placement of different financial instruments.

Jordinvest organizes financing operations for the purpose of incorporating, extending, and developing companies, including underwriting securities, managing public offerings, private placements, or participating in syndicates for such undertakings. Advising government and official agencies on privatization and BOT programs and other strategic initiatives related to public sector projects.

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