Jordinvest | Advisory Brokerage

Advisory Brokerage

Jordinvest Advisory Brokerage Department was established in January 2008 to provide distinct services to meet the investing needs of the sophisticated institutional investors. Powered by its brokerage arm Imcan for Financial Services, Jordinvest Advisory Brokerage Department provides the money managers with unparalleled access to the Jordanian capital market; including professional securities trading, timely settlement, and in-depth analysis and advice.

As a cornerstone to our daily activities, we simply place the institutional investors and their diverse needs at the core of everything we do.


Professional Securities Trading and Execution capabilities on the Jordanian Capital Market and Daily market updates on market and stock performance and major news headlines seeking market participants to meet clients' large block trade needs scheduling company management meetings as per the client needs in depth analysis and advice backed up by Jordinvest research department.