Jordinvest | Letter from the Vice-Chairman

Letter from the Vice-Chairman

Dear Distinguished Investor,

First and foremost let me begin by welcoming you to Jordan Investment Trust -Jordinvest-, the leading investment banking firm in Jordan and the region. Ever since our establishment in 1998, we strive to provide superior, elite and innovative investment banking services to our clients with a steadfast commitment to exceed their needs and expectations.

We have been successful in the pursuit of our goals as we have assembled many of the finest minds in the region and have used our collective intellectual capital and our vigorous and inquisitive temperament to deliver unprecedented client experience.

Jordinvest approach to all endeavors is emblematic of our belief in regional capital markets' growth. It is that approach that has earned us a title as one of the leading firms in the region.

I am proud of everything that the company has achieved since our inception, and of the incredible diligence and creativity of our team. In my opinion, as the future unfolds it is looking extraordinarily exciting. Our assets under management are growing exponentially; our research is earning respect for its impartial and rightful analysis, while at the same time our corporate finance team is gaining an edge as regional specialists.

Our proudest achievement is the working environment that we most enjoy, one that inspires intellectual passion and commitment to excellence.

My door is open to you at any time; please feel free to contact me directly with any comments or questions. I have utmost confidence that we can win your trust and do what it takes to help you achieve your financial goals.

Sincerely ,

Ahmad Tantash