Jordinvest | Dividend Monitor - Amman Stock Exchange May. 2017

Dividend Monitor - Amman Stock Exchange May. 2017

Please find below the link to our Dividend Monitor covering all Sectors in Jordan
Report Highlights:
The Dividend Monitor include the following highlights:
• All public trading companies in Jordan.
• Compares the last three years 2016, 2015 and 2014.
• The report covers Cash Dividends, Cash Dividend per share, Dividend Yield (%), Par value and Bonus Shares (%) for each public trading company in Jordan over the past three years.
• Includes Turnover Ratio (%) and Market Capitalization for each sector as in Amman Stock Exchange.
• Top 5 public trading companies in Jordan that have the highest Dividend Yield (%) for the year 2016.
*All numbers are in Jordanian Dinars.

To view the Dividend Monitor Report, kindly follow the following link: